Classic Tails


After Six

‘Classic Tails’ Full Dress

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What’s more formal than classic White Tie and Tails? The jacket features all the requisite trim: satin peak lapel, short-cut front with six buttons arrayed in a V-pattern, and two satin buttons in back atop twin pleats covering the entire tail. Paired with a flat-front trouser and featuring the classic pique pattern vest and bow, the timeless elegance of this ensemble is appropriate at evening weddings, inaugurations/coronations, or a snappy dance number with your favorite flapper!

  • Type: Tailcoat
  • Label: After Six
  • Color: Black
  • Product Fit: Full
  • Model: Single Breasted
  • Style: Full Dress
  • Front Buttons: 6 Buttons
  • Lapel Style: Peak
  • Lapel Material: Satin
  • Coat Length: 40″
  • Pocket Style: None
  • Fabric: Tropical Wool