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Real measurements matter. You may feel as though you know your sizes, but it’s important that we get everything as right as possible before you arrive in town. So please visit the tuxedo shop (not a tailor shop!) nearest you to make sure your sizes are measured accurately. If you don’t know where the closest one is, go to to find one in your area. They will try the necessary garments on you to ensure a perfect fit. The service is either free or available at a nominal charge. If there is not a shop anywhere near you, please follow the instructions below as closely as possible, and provide the information on the Measurements Form. You’ll need someone to help you. We will contact you if there are any discrepancies.


  • Measure your height. For tailoring and rental purposes, it is important to provide basic height measurements before taking more specific measurements. Take off your shoes and stand with your back against the wall, and have someone measure your with a tape measure. Place the tape measure at the bottom of your feet and measure to the highest point on your head. After getting your height, it is now time to measure specific parts of your body. 
  • Measure your chest. Raise your arms out to the side and run the tape measure around your shoulder blades, under each arm and around the fullest part of your chest, making sure the measurement is not too tight nor too loose.
  • Take your overarm measurement. Put both arms at your side and place the tape measure around your chest and both shoulders. Do not take loose tape measurements. Do not place any fingers between the tape and the chest.
  • Waist Measurement.  Place the tape around the waist an inch below the navel, pull the tape until you feel tension, and record your measurement. 
  • Outseam Measurement. Remove the shoes and look straight ahead during the measurement process. Start the tape measure level with the waistband at the side of his pants and stretch the tape to the floor.
  • Hip Measurement. Stand to the side and place the tape around the broadest part of the hip. Pull the tape until you feel tension and record your measurement. Do not record loose tape measurements.
  • Measure your neck. Circle the tape measure around your neck and record the measurement. You want the tape measure down as close as possible near your collar line, just above your clavicle, not up around your throat. Remember not to place your finger between the tape measure and the neck.
  • Measure your sleeve. Allow one of your arms to hang straight at your side. Place the tape measure near the bottom of the back of your neck. Run the tape measure over the top of your shoulder and then down your straight arm to your wrist.

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