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Ties are one of those accessories that are deal makers or deal breakers. The right tie color will complement the look, but the incorrect one will sabotage you. Try to avoid bold tie colors unless they are coordinated very carefully. If you were to pick a bold color such as orange, it might be overpowering when paired with a black suit unless it’s coordinated with an earth tone shirt that can effectively tone down the tie. For weddings, one very sophisticated way to blend a tie color is to match it to the corsage color. Wearing a tie and vest with identical colors is also popular choice. Just be careful with the color choice and that it is harmonious with your tuxedo selection.

Vest and tie patterns absolutely do not have to match, they must complement each other and the suit or tuxedo. Wearing a solid vest paired with a patterned tie always goes well together. The color choice of a vest however is important in comparison to your tie. One popular option when wearing a tuxedo is to match the vest color to the tie exactly. A solid black vest with any tie color is also a very safe choice, especially when the tie color is paired with a matching corsage. The opposite choice of wearing a color vest and a black tie works great too. A vest is optional when wearing a suit or tuxedo and should never be considered essential

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