Jean Yves – Ultrafit

Jean Yves

Jean Yves

Ultrafit Shawl

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This stunning look is the extreme in contemporary fit: 29″ jacket, snug waist, drainpipe sleeves in a two-button narrow shawl lapel styling, with new “skinny fit” trousers in matching tropical-weight worsted wool. Appropriate wherever hip styling is appreciated and valued, this up-to-the-minute look is at home at weddings, proms, and special events.

  • Type: Tuxedo
  • Label: Jean Yves
  • Color: Black
  • Product Fit: Ultra Slimfit
  • Model: Single Breasted
  • Style: Standard Coat
  • Front Buttons: 2 Buttons
  • Lapel Style: Shawl
  • Lapel Material: Satin
  • Coat Length: 29″
  • Pocket Style: Satin Besom
  • Fabric: Tropical Worsted Wool