Blue Tuxedo

Blue Tuxedo. Is it the new black?


When people think of tuxedos, they usually think of the same thing every time. A nice, black coat with a peak lapel, vest and bow tie, maybe even some tails in the back. It’s the very picture of class, elegance, a man at the top of his game.


But lately, a different kind of tuxedo has been creeping into the spotlight. And it can look just as nice as a black tux. Dark or pastel-colored outfits have become all the rage. And possibly the post prominent of these is the blue tuxedo.


I’m not talking about royal blue, or cobalt blue; those are better as suits. No, I’m talking about the navy blue tuxedo. Whether same-color pants accompany it or the pants remain black, is irrelevant. The main centerpiece of any tuxedo is the coat. And the blue tuxedo coat is growing in popularity.


But is this a look you should think about rocking, too? You might be wondering whether a blue tuxedo is appropriate for your occasion. Is it something that’s appropriate or you to wear?


So far, nothing says you can’t


          I’ll be honest, I can’t think of a single situation in which black garb is something of a requirement. The only exception that pops into mind is funerals, but you don’t wear tuxedos to those at all. There’s nothing festive about them.


Any occasion that demands a tuxedo, in my opinion, can be attended in a blue tuxedo. This includes black tie affairs. They’re called black tie, not black coat. The navy blue color is usually dark enough to easily blend in with a sea of people wearing black coats. And, it’s just enough of a color difference to help you stand out, without looking like you’re trying really hard to make a big, flashy statement.


However, if the going theme of whatever you are going to is ‘black tux,’ then I would stick with black. You don’t want to show up and be the only one in something other than a black tux. Not only will it be too obvious, but whoever is hosting might feel a bit insulted or slighted. But if there is no coat color-specific theme, then yeah, blue tuxedo all the way!


How should a blue tuxedo look?


Remember everything you already know about etiquette when it comes to wearing a black tux? Yeah, all that stuff also applies for the blue tuxedo too. Although, if you are going to rock that look, I would recommend picking a pair of matte finish shoes. Sure, you can get way with patent leather, but matte finish just matches the flat tone of the coat so much better.


In conclusion


          There is nothing wrong at all with wearing a blue tuxedo. Just do your best to stick to darker, more neutral shades of blue. Mr. Formal has a great navy blue tuxedo in their rental lineup, straight from designer Ike Behar. Blue isn’t the new black, but it certainly has made it’s presence known.

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