Green Vests & Ties

Green Wedding Vests & Ties

The colors you choose for your wedding day can come from anywhere — it’s all about discovering the best reflection of your style. Bring us the one color you have in mind, or a combination of colors and let our wedding experts create a harmonious palette. Men’s formal wear vests bow ties and long ties can capture and complement your color perfectly. Consider whether your groom and attendants will be wearing a wedding suit or tuxedo vests and ties. Whether you need a tuxedo vest or a suit vest, with hundreds of colors to choose from we can easily match your dress pallet perfectly. We call it matching color with confidence.

Green Vests & Ties

Aries Clov bow

After Six – Aries Clover

Aries Clover WT

Aries – Clover 2

Palermo Hunter Green

Palermo – Hunter

Sterling Kiwi

Sterling – Kiwi

Zelente Honeydew bow

Zelente – Honeydew

Zelente Honeydew WT

Zelente – Honeydew 2

Zelente Olivine bow

Zelente – Olive

Zelente Olivine WT

Zelente – Olive 2

Palermo Sage

Palermo – Sage

Simply Solid Mint bow

Simply Solid – Mint

Simply Solid Mint Striped Windsor Tie

Simply Solid – Mint 2

Simply Solid Mint WT

Simply Solid – Mint 3


Portofino – Jade


Portofino – Jade 2


Portofino – Jade 3


Portofino – Jade 4


Portofino – Key Lime


Portofino – Key Lime 2


Portofino – Key Lime 3


Portofino – Key Lime 4


Portofino – Mermaid


Portofino – Mermaid 2


Portofino – Mermaid 3

Palermo Lime

Palermo – Lime Green