Picking the best wedding suit

Picking the best wedding suit for my event


If you’ve been glancing at wedding pictures on sites like pinterest or instrgram, no doubt you’ve noticed a trend. Suits are slowly becoming commonplace attire at weddings…for the groom and groomsmen, not just the guests.


No doubt this coincides with a sort of trend toward ‘dressing down,’ so to speak. But picking a suit can be a bit more challenging than picking a tuxedo.


This is mostly because there’s so many different choices when it comes to your wedding suits. Tuxedos come in a small variety of colors, including black, white, ivory, burgundy, grey, navy…mostly flat, darker tones. Suits, however, come in a much larger variety of colors; dark or light, neutral or dazzling, single or multiple colors. There’s so many more choices that it can make picking one a bit more difficult!


So, with this in mind, I’ve taken the liberty of laying out some tips for picking the best wedding suit. And maybe they’re not really tips, more like things to consider.

wedding suit

Stick with more neutral colors for the wedding suit itself.


          Generally these colors work best with anything that’s put behind them, or next to them. You want to try and avoid colors that pop way too much, like orange or yellow or turquoise. This might be fine if you’re going to prom, but it’s too flashy for a wedding. After all, you’re trying to look like you’re getting married, not trying out to be a game show host.


Not only that, but a brightly-colored wedding suit is more restrictive than it’s darker counterparts. You’re limiting yourself when it comes to vests and ties to wear with it. For example, a purple suit looks terrible with a lime green or orange vest. A nice tan suit, on the other hand, looks good with a much bigger variety of vests.


Try to avoid ‘boardroom colors.’


You want to look like you’re getting married to the love of your life. Think to yourself: if someone saw you in your chosen wedding suit, WITHOUT the bride or the wedding décor around you. Would they think you were getting married? Or would they think you were going to a job interview, boardroom meeting, or day at the office?


Anything besides black of grey is fair game, in my opinion. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t pick a black or grey wedding suit. All I’m saying is that if you do, give it a bit more scrutiny than you normally would. Pick one with a bit less of a stuffy look to it. And if possible, pair it with some different color vests and ties.

In conclusion


          My word is not fashion law when it comes to your outfit, it’s merely advice. Your best judge for how you look, will be you. Just put your wedding suit on, and look at yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself, “Do I look good in this? Will I look good standing next to my spouse?” If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then full steam ahead, I say.

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