Tux etiquette

Tux etiquette. How to wear it and how to care for it after


       Many people reading this have likely never put on a tux in their lives. And there’s a good reason for this. There aren’t really many occasions which call for someone putting one of these things on. If you’re a guy, then you’ll probably wear a tux for your wedding, and maybe your prom. If you’re part of a fraternal organization like the Knights of Columbus or the Freemasons, you’ll wear one more often. But the vast majority of men wear a tuxedo less than five times in their lives.


This might leave the average Joe pretty confused on exactly how to wear a tux. It’s not just a T shirt and pair of jeans, after all. Well fear not, because I have some tips handy to help you properly wear your outfit. And then some tips on caring for it afterward.


Wearing your tux


          You’re going to want to start in nothing but your underwear. If you’re wearing an undershirt with your tux, put this on next. The first formal garment you’ll put on is your tux shirt. If you have cufflinks and/or button studs, put those on next.


Next, slip into the tux pants. Be careful putting your leg through the pant-leg, because the pant-leg may be hemmed on the inside. And putting your leg through too roughly could make you accidentally kick the hem out. Tuck your tux shirt into the pants properly, then do up the pant button and zipper.


Next comes the tie, regardless if it’s a bow tie or long tie. Pop the shirt collar, and then put the tie on. How to do this will vary depending on if it’s a pre-tied garment, or one that you tie yourself. Once you’re got that done, slip the vest on and button it up. If it needs adjusting, have a friend of family member help you.


Last bit is the tux coat. Put this on by sticking your arm out behind you, and slipping it on one arm at a time. Don’t put it on the same way you do a T-shirt, by putting your arm over your head. This not only strains your shoulder, but has a slight chance of damaging the coat from the tension. Button it up. You’re good to go!!


Caring for tux when you’re done with it


          You could wear your tuxedo several times before it needs to be dry cleaned, as long as you take good care of it. However, if you pull it off and toss it into a corner when you’re done wearing it, it will wrinkle terribly. So taking good care of your tux can save you money in the long run with dry-cleaning bills.


Fold the tux pants neatly, making sure the crease from each leg lines up. Put them on a sturdy, thick hanger, preferably one with a cardboard cylinder-guard or pants clips. Put the coat on the hanger next, making sure it goes over the pants. The shirt should be washed after a single use, so put that aside. The vest and tie can be hung up on a thinner wire hanger. If you want to keep things together, pinch the head of the thin wire hanger around the neck of the thicker coat-and-pant hanger.


That’s it!


          And that’s how you wear your tux, and take care of it after. Treat your tux right, and it will make you the best-looking person in any room you walk into!

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