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Tuxedo rentals; getting it right


In pretty much every man’s life, there is one or two times where he needs to put a tux. And most guys don’t just have a tuxedo sitting around their house. After all, you hardly ever wear one, so why would you?


This is when you need to get a tuxedo rental. Usually it’s for a prom, or because you’re getting married. Some guys need to wear a tuxedo regularly, multiple times per year. But let’s face it, must guys don’t have occasion to wear a tuxedo a whole lot. So as a result, the vast majority of tuxes you see at weddings and proms are tuxedo rentals.


Seeing is believing; and also essential

tuxedo rentals

There really is no wrong way or right way to do your tuxedo rental. However, I do strongly advocate for actually seeing your tuxedo rental before you get it.


Nowadays, there are many different websites where you can rent a tux without ever seeing it beforehand. This is touted as a more ‘convenient’ option. But that convenience comes with a price in itself.


You have no idea how you’ll look in an online tuxedo rental.

You can look at as many pictures of models wearing that tux as you want. But chances are, unless you yourself are a model, it’s not an accurate representation. So when you get your tuxedo rental in the mail, put it on, and don’t like the way it fits, you’re out of luck.


But what if I don’t really care how I look?


The only reason you even put a tux on to begin with is because you DO care about your look. I don’t meant to sound too blunt, or too harsh here. But there’s a reason that people don’t just walk around in their pajamas all day. There’s a reason the streets of every city aren’t full of guys who dress like Kevin Federline.

It’s because we care about the way we look. And you should definitely care about the way you look when you put your tuxedo rental on. Chances are you are wearing that tux for something important. And if you don’t care about how you look on your wedding day…well, again, hate to be harsh here, but maybe you should reevaluate why you’re getting married, if looking as presentable as possible to her isn’t important to you.


So what do I do to get it right?


Something as important as a tuxedo rental shouldn’t be skimped on when it comes to detail. Rightly so, since even a cheap tuxedo rental can set you back at least $70.


There is no shortage of tuxedo rental places that let you see and feel the product before renting. Mr. Formal in Arizona even lets you try the tuxedo on before you decide to rent it!

In conclusion


Even if you don’t care about your wedding, and how it looks…she does. And nothing shows your effort like making sure you look the best you can in your tuxedo rental.

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