Fitted Tuxedo Shirts

Fitted Tuxedo Shirts

Fitted Tuxedo Shirts

The first, and probably biggest difference between the newer fitted tuxedo shirts and the older standard tuxedo shirts is…well, the fit! Fitted tuxedo shirts are tapered more in the chest, waist, and arms area, whereas the standard tuxedo shirts tend to be roomier in all three of those areas. Depending on who you are and what kind of build you have, this can either be a good or a bad thing. If you have a slimmer, more athletic body, a fitted shirt would definitely work with your physique. However, if you are carrying extra weight around your middle, chest and arms, then a standard tuxedo shirt will work better with your body.

The typical fitted tuxedo shirt also lacks the pleats that the more classic, standard tuxedo shirts usually have. Pleats are the folds of fabric that vertically adorn the center of the tuxedo shirt, on either side of the buttons. Modern formal-wear styles tend to leave the pleats out, and therefore a lot of fitted tuxedo shirts, which are more in style right now, do not have them. According to Tuxedo Fashions, “flat-front shirts are good for a night out or casual use, as opposed to pleated.”

Modern Tuxedo Fitted Shirts

The modern fitted tuxedo shirt is definitely more favorable than the older standard-fit, pleated shirts. However, the classic shirts do have a couple things on their side. The classic pleated tuxedo shirt will typically cost less to rent or buy than their more trendy, pleat-less counterparts. Pleated tuxedo shirts also hold a more formal, less casual look than the pleat-less ones…. Without a jacket, one might think that someone with a pleat-less fitted shirt on is just wearing a suit shirt. But there’s no written rule on what shirt you have to get when you are completing your formal look. Again, different shirts will look better with different body types and tuxedo styles.

Fitted Tuxedos

Fitted Tuxedos

Fitted Tuxedo

Fitted tuxedos are one of the hottest trends in Men’s fashion. They are known as slim fit. Tailored fit or athletic fit tuxedos. Despite the first impression from the untrained eye, not all tuxedo coats are the same. Different coats will fit different people better than others, and possibly the biggest factor when considering what tuxedo to rent or buy is whether you want a fitted tuxedo or not.

The definition of a fitted tuxedo is pretty obvious: a tuxedo which was either tailored specifically for your body, or looks like it was tailored for you. Typically a tuxedo that is fitted will conform to your body. Accentuating all of your best physical features. For example, it will taper more in the waist area, usually have either smaller or non-existent shoulder pads, and most fitted tuxedos nowadays are made of a lighter, more comfortable weave of fabric than a standard tuxedo.

When Not To Wear a Fitted Tuxedo

As strange as it may sound that I have to say this, fitted tuxedos are not for everyone. There are some body types that a fitted tuxedo will actually look worse on, as opposed to a standard fit tuxedo. For someone overweight a fitted tuxedo coat will not only cling to their larger abdomen and make it more obvious. But there will be a lot less room in the chest area, which always means less mobility.

In some cases, there will even be a chance that the fitted tuxedo coat could rip open. Permanently damaging the garment; an expensive mistake if it’s a rental. Fitted tuxedos are typically only made up to a certain size. Usually between a 46 to a 54, going by chest sizes. The biggest size currently available on Ike Behar’s website in a two-button notch lapel style is a 48 chest.


A fitted tuxedo can either be a great idea, or a terrible one. Fitted tuxedos are generally more expensive than standard ones, so buying a standard tuxedo might save you some scratch. However, if you want the optimal look and performance for your formalwear. Then the fitted tuxedo is the way to go.

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