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Picking the best tie out made easy


Move over Richard Branson, it seems like the tie is making a comeback in a big way. More and more people every year are bucking the once-popular trend of not wearing a tie at all. Instead, ties are seen more often with suits, with semi-casual get-ups, and more. Heck, some people even use their tie as the centerpiece of their outfit, making everything else match it. It has never been a more popular accessory, and as I already said, is sometimes now the dominant piece in a person’s outfit!


Choosing a tie that’s right for you can be a challenging task in itself. There are hundreds, even thousands of options to sift through out there now! But picking out a good tie shop makes the job that much easier. And lucky for you, Mr. Formal’s online shop is now up and running.


You looking for a snazzy black tie? Mr Formal’s tie shop has several different options for black ties, in either bow tie or necktie form. You can easily look through all of the options in a quick two minutes! Our tie shop also regularly stocks up on our more popular choices, such as skinny black ties.


Mr Formal’s online tie shop makes our huge in-store selection available to all of North America!


If you look here, you can look through our wide selection of solid-pattern colored neckties. You can find something in this page alone to match just about any shirt or jacket you might put on!


Or if you’re looking for something really nice, you can find a few different designer choices in our tie shop as well! There are a few different options to buy these on their own, However, there are also options that allow you to buy a set, like a designer tie and cummerbund set.


Maybe you are looking for something other than ties though. Thankfully, Mr. Formal is a lot more than just a tie shop. We have specialized in men’s formal wear for many years now! You can find a wide range of tuxedos, suits, vests, and many different formal accessories to accompany your outfit!


And, as I’ve said before, we’re a lot more than just an online tie shop. We have two different brick-and-mortar locations. If you’re in Phoenix, you can come on in during our business hours and look through all of our merchandise. Our two physical locations in the Phoenix area, along with their hours, are as follows:


Our Central Phoenix location is at 333 East Camelback Road, Phoenix Arizona, 85012. Our Glendale location is further north at 3434 West Peoria Avenue, Phoenix Arizona, 85029. The hours for both stores are the same: Monday – Friday 11AM to 7PM, Saturday 10AM to 5PM, and Sunday 12PM – 5PM.


However, if you don’t live in the Phoenix area, you can go through our tie shop just by going to our online shopping page. Be sure to join our mailing list! We send out occasional discounts and messages to our mailing list subscribers, and you can be sure to take advantage of those. Have fun looking through our online tie shop, and we would love to see your completed outfit on our Facebook page!


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