two wedding themes; an opinion piece

A couple of wedding themes

Another thing most people think about when planning their wedding is what the most popular wedding themes are. There are many many wedding themes out there, and what one bride and groom may love, another couple may be repulsed by. Choosing the right theme for your wedding can be intimidating, given all the choices that are out there, so here are two of the most popular wedding themes out there.


The first one is personally my favorite of the most popular wedding themes: Classical. Sometimes also referred to as vintage, this popular wedding theme usually involves lots of the colors black and white, and the wedding itself usually exudes an air of sophistication (just look at these  elegant wedding pictures!) The best thing about classical-themed weddings is they tend to have everyone looking their absolute best…and why would you want to look any less on the biggest day of your life?

Shabby Chic

Now we’ll go from one of my favorite popular wedding themes, to one of my least favorite popular wedding themes: shabby chic. Skipping past the fact that I detest the word ‘chic,’ let me first say this: done right, a shabby chic wedding theme could look okay. However, what makes it so bad is the sheer difficulty of executing it. You’ll spend days on the internet and running all over town. Looking for things that are in poor condition for your wedding.

Lace is nice, but too much lace can turn your wedding into a tacky affair. And when it’s done, unless it’s executed perfectly, the wedding will look like a collective neighborhood yard sale. According to Meriam-Webster’s dictionary,) The word ‘shabby’ itself does not have a single good meaning; in poor condition, not fair, ill-kept…not things I would want to portray to my guests. There’s just something so cringingly hipster about making my big day look bad ironically.


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