Fitted tuxedos; the new normal in tuxedo coats!

Fitted Tuxedos


I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures of some of the more old fashioned tuxedos. And to be perfectly honest, many people these days no longer find them very desirable. As such, more and more wearers prefer the cleaner-cut fitted tuxedos.


This is mostly due to the small, minor features that tuxedos popular in earlier eras have. Now, I say tuxedos, but every single one of these thing applies to suits as well. These include:


  • Shoulder pads
  • Relaxed fit in the coat
  • Pleated tuxedo pants


Shoulder pads; not so desirable in fitted tuxedos


Once such feature is the so-called ‘shoulder pads.’ These subtle inserts are designed to artificially broaden the wearer’s shoulders, and make them look more masculine. However, in lower quality tuxedo coats, the shoulder pads are more obvious than in higher quality outfits.

fitted tuxedos
Crisp, non-frumpy shoulders; a feature of a fitted tux

Fitted tuxedos eliminates this undesirable feature by either including much smaller shoulder pads, or eliminating them entirely.


Relaxed fit coat; also referred to sometimes as baggy.

This is another one of those coat features that people don’t really find desirable anymore. Many older coats have more of a straight-down cut. This gives them more of a, for lack of a better word, ‘boxy’ sort of look. This type of appearance doesn’t really mesh too well with the typical body type nowadays.

This fit actually isn’t optimal; there should be no ‘pull’ on the coat from the button. This gentleman needs a size bigger.

Lots of people prefer the fitted tuxedos also because it eliminates this feature. A fitted tuxedo sports more of a ‘tapered middle,’ which accentuated the build of the majority of people’s body build.


Look over there; is it Shakespeare? No, it’s just a guy in pleated pants.

Pleats are small folds in the thigh area of pants. These allow for more mobility and greater comfort when doing things like sitting, squatting, or even dancing.

fitted tuxedos
A pair of double-pleated tuxedo pants.

And while this is great, is had the side effect of simply making a person’s thighs look wider than they are. It also adds more loose fabric to hang free; not a good thing.


Pants that come with fitted tuxedos not only eliminate the pleats. They also go one step further, and provide a tighter fit. This is also known as ‘skinny fit pants, and they do give the wearer’s legs a more slender appearance.


However, if you have bigger legs, consider getting pleated pants, or go halfway; look for non-pleated, non-skinny fit pants. Skinny pants and large thighs or posterior are a volatile combination; ripped pants can mean a big rental replacement bill.


So these are just a few of the features that fitted tuxedos don’t include. However, there are some cases where these features can be more helpful than out-of-date. Be honest with your tuxedo expert.

How do you prefer your tuxedos to fit? Let us know in the comments and rate the article below!

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Novelty Wedding Themes

Fun novelty wedding themes

So, a certain trend I’ve been seeing lately is novelty wedding themes. Now, I understand that there may be plenty of people out there whose life dream is to be married with the ‘Naruto’ theme song playing as the bride walks down the aisle. I want you all to know, that I’m not here to knock down your dreams. Please read with open minds, and if you disagree at the end, that’s fine. But there’s a good case against using novelty wedding themes for your wedding.

Novelty themes are great…I’ve been to some really fun parties that had themes like Ghostbusters, Pokemon, Star Wars, and even comic book characters. And therein, lies one of the problems with novelty wedding themes. You can have as many themed parties as you want throughout your lifetime. Hopefully, you’ll only have one wedding. Now, would you really want your wedding…the most important day in your life…to be indistinguishable from a themed house party you would throw?



It’s all in fun

I know what you are probably thinking: “But as long as people have fun, that’s all that matters, right? Why shouldn’t I be able to dress up like Link or Yu-Gi-Oh at my wedding? It’s MY wedding!” That’s true: it IS your wedding. It’s one of the biggest opportunities in your life to say something about who you are not just to your friends, but to your spouse-to-be’s family, your own family who you may not know very well, and whomever else. And with a themed wedding, your really only saying one thing: “I really really really like (insert name of band, tv show, sports team, super hero or movie here.)

A wedding is a celebration of your marriage to another person, not a celebration of your love for a particular TV show. The thought that you put into making your wedding not just like-able and memorable to you, but to everyone attending, says a lot about you as a person.

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two wedding themes; an opinion piece

A couple of wedding themes

Another thing most people think about when planning their wedding is what the most popular wedding themes are. There are many many wedding themes out there, and what one bride and groom may love, another couple may be repulsed by. Choosing the right theme for your wedding can be intimidating, given all the choices that are out there, so here are two of the most popular wedding themes out there.


The first one is personally my favorite of the most popular wedding themes: Classical. Sometimes also referred to as vintage, this popular wedding theme usually involves lots of the colors black and white, and the wedding itself usually exudes an air of sophistication (just look at these  elegant wedding pictures!) The best thing about classical-themed weddings is they tend to have everyone looking their absolute best…and why would you want to look any less on the biggest day of your life?

Shabby Chic

Now we’ll go from one of my favorite popular wedding themes, to one of my least favorite popular wedding themes: shabby chic. Skipping past the fact that I detest the word ‘chic,’ let me first say this: done right, a shabby chic wedding theme could look okay. However, what makes it so bad is the sheer difficulty of executing it. You’ll spend days on the internet and running all over town. Looking for things that are in poor condition for your wedding.

Lace is nice, but too much lace can turn your wedding into a tacky affair. And when it’s done, unless it’s executed perfectly, the wedding will look like a collective neighborhood yard sale. According to Meriam-Webster’s dictionary,) The word ‘shabby’ itself does not have a single good meaning; in poor condition, not fair, ill-kept…not things I would want to portray to my guests. There’s just something so cringingly hipster about making my big day look bad ironically.


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