two wedding themes; an opinion piece

A couple of wedding themes

Another thing most people think about when planning their wedding is what the most popular wedding themes are. There are many many wedding themes out there, and what one bride and groom may love, another couple may be repulsed by. Choosing the right theme for your wedding can be intimidating, given all the choices that are out there, so here are two of the most popular wedding themes out there.


The first one is personally my favorite of the most popular wedding themes: Classical. Sometimes also referred to as vintage, this popular wedding theme usually involves lots of the colors black and white, and the wedding itself usually exudes an air of sophistication (just look at these  elegant wedding pictures!) The best thing about classical-themed weddings is they tend to have everyone looking their absolute best…and why would you want to look any less on the biggest day of your life?

Shabby Chic

Now we’ll go from one of my favorite popular wedding themes, to one of my least favorite popular wedding themes: shabby chic. Skipping past the fact that I detest the word ‘chic,’ let me first say this: done right, a shabby chic wedding theme could look okay. However, what makes it so bad is the sheer difficulty of executing it. You’ll spend days on the internet and running all over town. Looking for things that are in poor condition for your wedding.

Lace is nice, but too much lace can turn your wedding into a tacky affair. And when it’s done, unless it’s executed perfectly, the wedding will look like a collective neighborhood yard sale. According to Meriam-Webster’s dictionary,) The word ‘shabby’ itself does not have a single good meaning; in poor condition, not fair, ill-kept…not things I would want to portray to my guests. There’s just something so cringingly hipster about making my big day look bad ironically.


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How to be a good groomsman

Becoming a good groomsman

A good groomsman; will you be one? Perhaps you’ve just been asked to be one in a friend’s wedding party. The lessons in how to be a good groomsman are pretty simple, and most of them are really just common sense. But, for those that need some help, here’s some lessons in how to be a good groomsman.


First, and this is probably the most important tip in how to be a good groomsman: if you have negative opinions about marriage, keep them to yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are used to being yourself around them, just don’t do it. It doesn’t matter how many Netflix originals you’ve watched about miserable marriages; it’s no help to the groom, and it’s definitely no help to the bride, and it will make you a drag on the entire affair.

More Tips

Another important tip for how to be a good groomsman, is to not procrastinate with any of your duties. Don’t worm your way out of helping the groom pick things if he asks for help. I know it’s usually the best man’s job to plan the bachelor party (if there is one,) but offer your help anyway…he’ll appreciate it, and it will elevate you in his eyes and the groom’s. And please, don’t show up late to get your measurements for your tuxedo; I’ve seen firsthand the problems that can create not just for you, but for the groom as well. Less than ten days before the wedding is late, but you’ll ideally be in more like twenty days before.


Last but certainly not the least important tip in how to be a good groomsman is this: handle yourself with class at the wedding. Yes, absolutely do dance, have fun, laugh with everyone. But don’t be that guy that gets so drunk he pukes, dances so foolishly he rips his tuxedo, or so tactless he hits on every woman at the wedding. People will definitely remember. And if you’re a good groomsman, people will remember that, too.

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10 Tips To Save On Your Wedding

10 Tips To Save On Your Wedding

Trevor Dayley Photography (

Photo Credit: Trevor Dayley

Whatever your wedding budget, you don’t have to resort to DIY bouquets to come in on target (unless you want to, of course!). Read these 10 tips and save money where it counts without sacrificing on style.

1. Follow the Rule of Three

Choose the three elements of your wedding that are most important to you (maybe your wedding dress, caterer and band, for example), then allocate a little extra money for them. Next, pick three things that fall low on your priority list (like linens, flowers and invitations), and budget accordingly.

2. Trim the Guest List

We know it’s tough, but one of the fastest and most effective ways to lower your wedding cost is to pare down the invitees. Think of it this way: At $100 a head, taking 10 guests off the guest list saves $1,000! Also consider the size of your wedding party: Gifts, hair and makeup are cheaper for two or three than for 10.

If you’re having trouble deciding who to cut, set yourself some ground rules and stick to them. To help you get started, consider crossing out any potential guests that you’ve never spoken to, met or heard of, or that are under 12 years old. Anyone whose bedtime occurs before 9 p.m. will miss the cake cutting anyway, and definitely won’t be offended if they’re left out. Only invite friends’ significant others if the couple in question has been dating for more than a year or are currently living together. Otherwise, it’s okay to say no to plus-ones.

3. Pass on Pricey Details

Glamorous details on items that you’re indifferent to spike costs without adding any fun to your day (do you really need an ice sculpture?). Free yourself of the pressure to upgrade and instead make honest choices based on what you want. As a general rule, before you sign a contract, look through the itemized list of what you’re buying and, ask yourself, “Will anyone notice if we don’t do this?”

4. Consider Printing Costs

Including two shades of ink on your wedding invitation might match your color scheme, but, trust us, it’ll add significantly to printing costs. Details that are fun in theory, but are actually unnecessary and super expensive in reality (for example, square invites require extra postage), may need to get the boot.

5. Rent a Smaller Ride

Town Cars will shuttle your wedding party to the reception just as effectively as a stretch limousine.

6. Skip the Special Effects

If you’re happy with simple wedding pictures, pass on options like sepia tones, multiple exposures and split frames.

7. Swap Out Flowers

Flowers are known to be an expensive wedding detail. To reduce floral costs, choose wedding flowers that are in season and pick locally grown flowers rather than blooms that need to be flown in from far away. For example, if you exchange Black Magic roses for more reasonably priced, deeply colored dahlias in all your bouquets and table arrangements, you can actually save a few dollars a stem.

8. Simplify Your Menu

Reduce the number of overall dinner courses (making three fabulous courses costs less than serving five individual courses) and keep your menu simple. Just like with florals, stick with the local, seasonally ingredients—and don’t overdo it.

9. Save the Good Stuff for Later

Have the caterers bring out the fancy Dom Perignon for the first toast, but then switch to a less expensive sparkling wine for the rest of the night. No one will ever see the bottle or know the difference—bubbles are bubbles!

10. Pare Down the Cake Extras

Order a small, beautiful cake that’s exactly what you want, but have several sheet cakes of the same flavor at the ready to cut for your guests. Stay away from tiers, handmade sugar flowers or special molded shapes. To customize and add variety. Try having your caterer drizzle each plate with a flavored sauce (triple berry, dark chocolate or salted caramel, anyone?). Finally, choose buttercream over fondant: it’s so much tastier and much less expensive.

Article Credit: The Knot

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