How to be a good groomsman

Becoming a good groomsman

A good groomsman; will you be one? Perhaps you’ve just been asked to be one in a friend’s wedding party. The lessons in how to be a good groomsman are pretty simple, and most of them are really just common sense. But, for those that need some help, here’s some lessons in how to be a good groomsman.


First, and this is probably the most important tip in how to be a good groomsman: if you have negative opinions about marriage, keep them to yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are used to being yourself around them, just don’t do it. It doesn’t matter how many Netflix originals you’ve watched about miserable marriages; it’s no help to the groom, and it’s definitely no help to the bride, and it will make you a drag on the entire affair.

More Tips

Another important tip for how to be a good groomsman, is to not procrastinate with any of your duties. Don’t worm your way out of helping the groom pick things if he asks for help. I know it’s usually the best man’s job to plan the bachelor party (if there is one,) but offer your help anyway…he’ll appreciate it, and it will elevate you in his eyes and the groom’s. And please, don’t show up late to get your measurements for your tuxedo; I’ve seen firsthand the problems that can create not just for you, but for the groom as well. Less than ten days before the wedding is late, but you’ll ideally be in more like twenty days before.


Last but certainly not the least important tip in how to be a good groomsman is this: handle yourself with class at the wedding. Yes, absolutely do dance, have fun, laugh with everyone. But don’t be that guy that gets so drunk he pukes, dances so foolishly he rips his tuxedo, or so tactless he hits on every woman at the wedding. People will definitely remember. And if you’re a good groomsman, people will remember that, too.

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