Novelty Wedding Themes

Fun novelty wedding themes

So, a certain trend I’ve been seeing lately is novelty wedding themes. Now, I understand that there may be plenty of people out there whose life dream is to be married with the ‘Naruto’ theme song playing as the bride walks down the aisle. I want you all to know, that I’m not here to knock down your dreams. Please read with open minds, and if you disagree at the end, that’s fine. But there’s a good case against using novelty wedding themes for your wedding.

Novelty themes are great…I’ve been to some really fun parties that had themes like Ghostbusters, Pokemon, Star Wars, and even comic book characters. And therein, lies one of the problems with novelty wedding themes. You can have as many themed parties as you want throughout your lifetime. Hopefully, you’ll only have one wedding. Now, would you really want your wedding…the most important day in your life…to be indistinguishable from a themed house party you would throw?



It’s all in fun

I know what you are probably thinking: “But as long as people have fun, that’s all that matters, right? Why shouldn’t I be able to dress up like Link or Yu-Gi-Oh at my wedding? It’s MY wedding!” That’s true: it IS your wedding. It’s one of the biggest opportunities in your life to say something about who you are not just to your friends, but to your spouse-to-be’s family, your own family who you may not know very well, and whomever else. And with a themed wedding, your really only saying one thing: “I really really really like (insert name of band, tv show, sports team, super hero or movie here.)

A wedding is a celebration of your marriage to another person, not a celebration of your love for a particular TV show. The thought that you put into making your wedding not just like-able and memorable to you, but to everyone attending, says a lot about you as a person.

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Novelty tuxedo vests, yes or no?

Novelty Tux

Novelty tuxedo vests are a trend that only seems to be growing, and not slowing down at all. The novelty tuxedo vests can be a fun way to express your individuality, show your pride for your favorite sports team, or happily declare your allegiance to your favorite TV show or comic! We’ll be taking a closer look at novelty tuxedo vests, how they’re likely to be perceived, and whether they’re a good idea or not for your future event!


Novelty tuxedo vests, or any sort of novelty tuxedo accessories, can be quite fun to wear, and fetching to the right eyes. They can be instant conversation pieces (expect Duck Dynasty fans to stop and talk to you if you wear a camouflage vest like and if you wear a superhero-pattern vest to comic-con, or a sports logo vest at a sports game, you can bet you will receive compliments, people will ask where you got it, and you may even be stopped to take pictures with others!


Giving a good impression

Wearing a novelty tuxedo vest will likely give people the impression that you are fun, creative, and down to earth. And while these are all great things. There are still some places where a novelty tuxedo vest would be a bad idea. For example, if the event is a black tie event for professionals, then a novelty tuxedo vest would probably make it so people have a hard time taking you seriously, especially since at those types of events, first impression is everything.


When it comes to weddings, it really depends on the wedding itself. If your invited to the wedding but not actively participating in it (groomsman, usher, etc.). Then a novelty tuxedo vest might be acceptable as long as the wedding theme isn’t classic or too professional-looking. And, as strange as it seems that I have to say this. It is not okay to wear a novelty tuxedo vest at a funeral. But if the event is a prom, low-key formal gathering, or fun event, then spice it up!

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How to be a good groomsman

Becoming a good groomsman

A good groomsman; will you be one? Perhaps you’ve just been asked to be one in a friend’s wedding party. The lessons in how to be a good groomsman are pretty simple, and most of them are really just common sense. But, for those that need some help, here’s some lessons in how to be a good groomsman.


First, and this is probably the most important tip in how to be a good groomsman: if you have negative opinions about marriage, keep them to yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are used to being yourself around them, just don’t do it. It doesn’t matter how many Netflix originals you’ve watched about miserable marriages; it’s no help to the groom, and it’s definitely no help to the bride, and it will make you a drag on the entire affair.

More Tips

Another important tip for how to be a good groomsman, is to not procrastinate with any of your duties. Don’t worm your way out of helping the groom pick things if he asks for help. I know it’s usually the best man’s job to plan the bachelor party (if there is one,) but offer your help anyway…he’ll appreciate it, and it will elevate you in his eyes and the groom’s. And please, don’t show up late to get your measurements for your tuxedo; I’ve seen firsthand the problems that can create not just for you, but for the groom as well. Less than ten days before the wedding is late, but you’ll ideally be in more like twenty days before.


Last but certainly not the least important tip in how to be a good groomsman is this: handle yourself with class at the wedding. Yes, absolutely do dance, have fun, laugh with everyone. But don’t be that guy that gets so drunk he pukes, dances so foolishly he rips his tuxedo, or so tactless he hits on every woman at the wedding. People will definitely remember. And if you’re a good groomsman, people will remember that, too.

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